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A certified multidisciplinary medical center

In 2007 Dr. Nora Hendriks opened Clinica La Alegria with the aim of offering high level clinical and professional medical care from a team of experienced specialists, with tailor made treatments and attention to personal care.

Our GPs and nurses work together with various specialists, offering a wide range of medical and paramedical treatments.

Healthy on the inside and beautiful on the outside.

In addition to GP medicine, we offer natural hormone therapy that guides women easily and safely through ‘the Change’ and Anti Aging therapy with the aim of aging as healthy as possible.

Our cosmetic specialists offer injectables, fillers and botox to treat your face in a professional and natural way.

If you have any questions after visiting our website or if you would like personal advice, we are happy to help!

Clinica La Alegria

Avenida Valencia 17
03710 Calpe (Alicante)

Telephone number: +34 965 831 336
Email: info@la-alegria.es

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I have been in this clinic for 2 years now and if something is wrong with me, and when I come in I see the happy face of Wilma (reception) and then I actually feel a bit better.

She is the calling card of this clinica. She does justice to the name Clinica la Alegria.

After that I am seen by Nora and Nora is also a great doctor with a listening ear and very skilled in her diagnoses. All in all a Top Clinica!

Jolanda Buena Idea

I have been coming to Alegria for many years while I do not live in Calpe. This is because Dr. Nora Hendriks combines medical treatments with natural treatments. This has always appealed to me. I think Dr. Nora is a very knowledgeable and compassionate doctor and she has a very nice team of nurses and assistants.

It has since become the alegria family for me. For me, clinician Alegria is a clinica with a big HEART.

Thank you for all the good care!

Desiree Ligtenberg

Both my husband and I find the book: Refreshing, enlightening, an eye opener and it gives recognition to all women who suffer from a severe hormonal phase. It no longer needs to be trivialized. There is a cure for the complaints! How great is this! I immediately noticed an improvement after a few days. I believe again that I can lead a healthy life. A larger gift was not conceivable for me and my loved ones.

An enthusiastic reader
“Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love for humanity”