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Everyone wants healthy aging.

Functional Medicine is a personalised medical approach for patients, that focuses on prevention and the underlying root causes of (chronic) diseases. It is a science-based field of health care that considers the complete biochemistry of the body, right down to the DNA.

Functional medicine can help diagnose and treat a variety of symptoms and illnesses.


What is Functional Medicine?

“One condition, many causes. One cause; many conditions.”

Dr Mark Hyman

Many people have never heard of Functional Medicine, but this fairly recently emerged, science-based specialty is increasingly taking shape in the medical world. Especially in the United States, a lot of attention is paid to this and in various countries there are already progressive insurance agencies that reimburse certain treatments.

Functional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of chronic disease in particular, using a systems approach and involving both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership. It is an evolution in medicine that better meets the care needs of the 21st century.

By shifting the traditional disease-focused focus of medical practice to a more patient-centered approach, functional medicine addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms.

Of course, conventional medicine also remains very valuable, especially for acute and more urgent treatments. But a large part of the health care budget is spent on treating chronic diseases. And 50% of the adult population has at least one chronic condition.

Our specialists Doctor Nora Hendriks and Doctor Patrick Welter have been using Functional Medicine for several years with very good results. Dr Hendriks also approaches the menopause and andropause issues, one of her areas of attention, from that specific point of view.

What can you expect?

Our specialists always take plenty of time for our patients, so a first intake will certainly take 50 to 60 minutes.

Each treatment is fully customized. It is therefore difficult to indicate how the process will proceed and how many investigations and consultations will be required. This depends on the complexity of your situation and complaints.


The treatments are based on the latest insights in Functional Medicine, in which extensive attention is paid to people as a whole and therefore not just complaints-oriented. In addition to the medical history, many factors play a role in this. Lifestyle, genetics, toxic loads, the functioning of all major systems in the body, emotional trauma and stress management are all potential areas of focus. Because no person is the same, every treatment protocol is unique. This means that no standard price indication can be given.

The proposed laboratory tests therefore vary according to the complaints. These can be blood tests at a local laboratory, but also – if indicated – she uses various international laboratories for additional analysis of, for example, genetics (DNA) or specialized tests in the urine or faeces.

The costs of these depend on the application that our specialists propose to you on the basis of your complaints and wishes. When it becomes clear which investigations are indicated, the estimated costs will of course be discussed with you first.

For the specific blood tests for hormonal management, we can indicate that the costs for a blood test in most countries are on average around € 80 / € 150 but higher in Spain, around € 175 / € 200.

Sometimes it is possible to request the blood test through your GP, so that the insurance could reimburse your analysis. You can discuss this yourself with your GP. Do you have a recent laboratory result? Please do show this to the doctor before or during your consultation. This could make a difference in the follow-up process.

Prices first consult:

  • Consult 45-60 min from € 200,-

Prices follow-up

This depends on the duration of the conversation, but also on the complexity of the analysis being discussed. The more complex the case, the more research the specialists do behind the scenes for you. It is therefore difficult to give a standard price indication.

  • Functional Medicine follow-up consultation 30-45 min € 150 – € 200
  • Interpretation of test results (other than blood tests) € 30 – € 65
  • Telephone consultation from € 65
  • Annual telephone consultation, including repeat prescription € 75

Please note: the above prices are an indication and can be adjusted if more or less time was needed for your consultation.

Repeat prescription

Dr Hendriks and Dr Welter examine your file very carefully with every request for a prescription, because your situation is always different from that of another patient. Then the team processes the prescriptions, they are sent to the pharmacy and you receive a confirmation with invoice.

  • Single request repeat prescriptions (more possible at the same time) € 35


We advise you to contact your health insurance company yourself, reimbursement depends on the insurer and your supplementary policy. A referral from your GP always increases the chance of reimbursement.

For the Netherlands: In many cases the insurance asks for a performance or treatment code, unfortunately we cannot (currently) state this on the invoice.

Dr Hendriks is a general practitioner specialized in Functional Medicine, and is officially registered in Spain and in the Netherlands as a general physician (see Colegio de Medicos number or BIG number and AGB code on the invoice). However, the therapy she uses is not well known yet in Europe, so it has not been classified everywhere and there are no treatment codes that we could use.

(note: it is not an alternative medicine, it is just not widely used in the Netherlands, unlike some other European countries, such as the UK or Germany)

For Germany: Dr Welter will use all the official codes on your invoices, if you have a German private insurance in most cases your treatment is covered. If you have a German public insurance in most cases a part of your treatment will be covered. Please contact your insurance yourself to check.

In short: you will receive an official invoice from an officially registered doctor (general practitioner), including the registration numbers. Hopefully you will be able to declare this.

No insurance? You are always welcome with us, you can simply pay for your treatment in cash, with your debit card or credit card.

Your treatment in combination with a stay?

For an optimal result we are happy to give you the tip to combine your treatment with a (short) stay on the Costa Blanca!

The big advantage is that you can make and undergo your appointments in the clinic in peace and quiet, you can calmly recover and immediately enjoy the beautiful climate and the delicious Spanish life that will make you come home reborn.

Everyone will see that this journey has done you very well, but your face will not betray that you have also helped nature a little!

We are happy to advise you on a number of good hotels and if you wish, we can book your stay for you.

You only need a prescription?

Use the contact form and we will arrange it for you.

Consultation by phone? We can!

You can easily request your telephone or skype consultation via the contact form.

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