By using supplements in your daily diet you can work on your health both curatively and preventively. You will soon feel better by reducing deficits and you will fall ill less often. In most cases, any shortages are detected by a blood test.

Shortages arise faster than you think. For example, certain medications can cause vitamin B12 deficiency as a side effect. And many of us lack vitamin D or magnesium. Moreover, it has been shown that our contemporary food contains far fewer minerals than in the past.

The prescribed treatments are based on scientific research.

During the consultation you will receive personal advice based on your medical and family history on the one hand and the results of any laboratory tests you may have carried out on the other. Deficiencies occur regularly, but sometimes dietary supplements are taken in too high doses and an excess occurs. The following also applies here: excess harms! So get good advice on this!

In our clinic we generally have the most used nutritional supplements in stock.