Your genes are given to you by your parents, but the gene expression can often be influenced. Based on a DNA test (via a blood test), we provide advice on how you can influence any increased risk of disease by adjusting your lifestyle or taking medication or supplements. It can also be viewed to which medicines you respond well and which you certainly should not use.

This is the prevention of the future.

DNA analysis

When and why choose a DNA analysis?

With the help of a genetic research you will discover which risks you run and how you can best adapt your lifestyle to your genetic blueprint. Nowadays you can choose from different genetic tests. For example, if there is a lot of cardiovascular disease or a lot of cancer in your family, you can search for a predisposition for this. Screening can also be carried out specifically for, among other things, the risk of diabetes, neurological diseases, eye diseases and breast cancer.

Adjustment of your lifestyle based on your DNA

DNA does not determine everything. In general, we are in a good position to steer the genetic predisposition for certain diseases too positively. We can influence the so-called gene expression through a combination of a certain lifestyle, medicines and the necessary nutritional supplements. For example, if you are predisposed to develop diabetes at a later age, then you have been warned and can take a preventive approach.

Based on the DNA analysis we can provide advice on, among other things:

  • your ideal diet
  • which medication you should avoid due to potential side effects
  • which supplements are good for you to improve certain functions in your body.
  • which specialist you should visit a little more often to do a check-up
  • how important sport is to you, and also which type of effort suits you best.

The DNA analysis is done via a blood test or via the cheek mucosa (can be taken via a cotton swab).