As previously indicated, Anti Aging therapy is often a combination of various treatments offered by us. It looks at your overall condition, your blood count, your background, your diet and everything else that is needed

A treatment can only be successful if it is tailor-made especially for you! After all, we are all different.

What can you expect

“Anti aging” is actually synonymous with “healthy aging”. That is why in this specialization we look for a way to make someone as healthy as possible for as long as possible. And who wouldn’t want this?


Since anti aging therapy is very individual, it is very difficult to give an indication of the costs.

The costs are largely determined by the price of the blood test and whether a genetic test is performed. The extent of such an examination is entirely dependent on your personal condition, the doctor’s advice and your wishes. Normally you do not return more than once a year for an interim check, in which genetic tests do not have to be repeated, but in particular the abnormal values ​​of the laboratory tests are checked again.