In the United States a lot of infusion treatments are already being used and it is extremely popular in this way to quickly and effectively supplement any deficiencies in vitamins and minerals!

Intravenous administrations are often more effective than pills. Certain ingredients in the infusion fluid can help you detoxify your body and obtain antioxidants in your bloodstream. In addition, they can provide support for your immune system.

Hollywood trend

The so-called “power” infusions in California are infusions with high-dose vitamins and minerals. Celebrities such as Rihanna, Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry, Madonna and Demi Moore are big fans of these infusions. The trend of these Anti-Aging infusions (also known as Drip-Spa) is now flowing through England and the US and they are now being given in Europe. They offer a natural energy boost so that you can feel fitter and healthier in a short time.

Such infusions have been administered in hospitals for years, so that patients can recover faster after surgery, for example. But of course, vitamin and mineral infusions can also be administered to healthy people during, for example, a stressful, tiring time. In our clinic they are usually given as support to patients with chronic fatigue or chronic diseases.

It is always necessary to first make an appointment to determine whether you are suitable for such treatment.