Different treatments with injectables are possible and new methods and products are regularly added.

Every treatment has its possibilities and limitations and not every injectable is suitable for everyone.

Based on your wishes, the characteristics of your skin, the shape of your face and possible allergies and sensitivities, we honestly and professionally advise which treatment suits you best.


When we get older, the volume in our face decreases. A filler has been specially developed to fill in wrinkles and to reduce the loss of volume. By using fillers, the skin is filled from within. The advantage is that a visible result is obtained immediately. The material is completely degradable.

With injectables we try to bring the round, soft shapes and flowing lines back into a face in order to remove the sharp lines and the fatigue.

However, the injectables (fillers) do not only do that, the result will be even better if you take good care of yourself and in this way you also contribute: the healthier your lifestyle, the nicer your skin!

The aging of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles is faster if you smoke, often use the sunbed and do not use a sunscreen with a high factor (minimum SPF 30)

Treatment and the result

A treatment takes 20 to 40 minutes and the result is immediately visible. Because very thin needles are used, the treatment is almost painless. The hyaluronic acid is recognized by the body as a substance in the body and is completely biodegradable. After the treatment, the injection sites may be slightly red and swollen, and sometimes a small bruise may develop which, by the way, disappears again after a few days.

The result will be visible for about 12 to 18 months, depending on the location and the material used.

Areas to be treated with fillers include:

  • Fill lips
  • Wrinkles upper lip
  • Nose correction with fillers
  • Remove bags
  • Strengthen the jaw line
  • Liquid facelift with fillers
  • Ear lobe correction
  • Nose lip fold
  • Hanging corners of the mouth
  • Cheek lines
  • To sleep
  • Fine lines of the décolleté

Botulinum toxin (BTX)

BTX is a substance that is used to reduce a certain muscle activity. In regular medicine, botox has been used for years to, for example, relax spastic muscles or to combat certain forms of headache. In cosmetic medicine, it is a means to reduce muscle activity and thus the active wrinkling of, for example, the forehead, frown and around the eyes.


BTX is very suitable for softening the front wrinkle, forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, chin correction and the horizontal neck folds.

BTX is also used in the event of excessive perspiration of armpits, hands, feet and also upper lip; with this indication people generally enjoy 6-7 months of it.


BTX is injected into the muscle, which means that this muscle (this muscle) is temporarily unable or hardly able to contract. The effect occurs after 3 to 10 days and lasts for 3 to 5 months. After this the treatment can be repeated. BTX usually remains effective longer. It is a protein that is completely broken down by the body.

The treatment

The treatment lasts between 15 and 20 minutes. BTX is introduced through the skin with a small injection needle. Most people do not experience this as painful. The slight redness or slight swelling that occurs is disappeared through the skin after ½ to 1 hour. Most people do not experience this as painful. The slight redness or small swelling that develops disappears after ½ to 1 hour.