During a free consultation, the doctor will tell you which treatment would be best for your face, which products can best be used and what the expected result and costs will be.

As stated earlier, all treatments are made to measure, after all, no person is the same!

Advice and costs

During the interview the doctor clearly tell you the costs of the tailor-made advice, you can then choose whether you want it or not.

You will also be invited for a free follow-up check afterwards.

Price indication

Because the treatments differ per person, it is difficult to give a price indication.

But you can always assume that the costs are around 10% lower than in the Netherlands!

Botox from € 150.00 for 1 region (½ region eg forehead € 75.00)

Fillers from € 330.00 per 1 ml (½ ml € 175.00)

You can make an appointment via tel: +34 965 831 336 or by mail via: info@la-alegria.es or via the contact form  on this site